“A great exploration about where we are heading” (Ciudadesaescalahumana.org)<p>

The city as interface. How new media are changing the city turns out to be the perfect company in this time that I am starting to put into words my own Ph.D., so I am sure it will be for some time on my desk –along with other books such as Against the smart city or Smart cities. Big data, civic hackers and the quest for new utopia). In the last few years, Martijn´s writings (see, for example, or The ideas and ideals in urban media theory and design) and work (see, for example, Social cities of tomorrow and the related publication, Ownership in the hybrid city) through The Mobile City he runs with Michiel de Lange) have influenced my approach to the intersection of public life and digital technologies and have usually appeared on the blog. Thus, it is no secret I was eager to read this book that constitutes a great exploration about where we are heading to regarding the digital public realm and its implications in collective life.

One of the most remarkable things about its pages is that it depicts a good overview of different approaches and scenarios to understand the kind of society these technologies may promote

“De Waal wrote a thought-provoking book” (Archined.nl, in Dutch)

“A rich introduction to urban media and their relation with urban communities and public space” (Theatricity.com, in Dutch) 

“A fascinating book” (Trancity.nl, in Dutch)

A fascinating book that revolves around the question whether our public domain has substantially changed through the use of mobile and digital media.